Lovina Yavari


Lovina is a Canadian Union Actress (ACTRA), Artist, and Internationally published model in Toronto, ON. She can be seen in upcoming projects such as DC's Shazam, Polar (Netflix), and The Boys (Amazon). Despite her love for Film and Television, Lovina's true life passion is to one day upgrade into a cybernetic organism. If that doesn't happen, she's cool with working on a shit ton of Science Fiction and Fantasy projects. (specifically, where she is under all the prosthetic makeup). Aside from acting, Lovina has worked with animatronics, is a published comic book artist/inker (Iconic 2, School Bites-Broadsword Comics guest artist), Fashion Designer (Pink City), Writer/Director, & SPFX Makeup Artist (Todd and the Book of Pure Evil). Lovina also art directs, styles, and builds props for her personal photo shoots. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, gaming, building Gundams, and watching anime.


Movie Name Release Date
Shazam! 3D April 26, 2019