Sam Humphrey


Sam Humphrey is a Melbourne-based actor, widely known for his professionalism, unwavering work ethic, and person-ability both on and off screen. Born with a highly rare genetic condition, Sam may have faced more hardship than most, but it is those challenges that fulfilled his relentless drive to become an actor. At only 127 centimeters tall, he doesn't allow his skeletal dysplasia stand in the way of fulfilling his lifelong dream of stardom. With an infinitely supportive and loving family on his side along with his strong sense of faith, he feels like there is nothing he can't accomplish. Early on in his career, it wasn't long before Sam caught the eye of casting directors after making an appearance in a documentary that intimately showcased the lives of young people with disabilities, who against all odds, made their dreams a reality. Ultimately, Sam's mission is to make a notable mark and create positive change in the industry that will continue to impact people in big ways for generations to come. Sam Humphrey's most recent creative ventures include serving in the main cast of "The Greatest Showman," a 20th century fox feature film starring Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron, as well as "neighbours," an Australian TV series.


Movie Name Release Date
The Greatest Showman February 9, 2018