Rao Rampilla


Rao became an actor after the events of 9/11/2001 having lost his business project at the WTC. Since embracing acting full-time, he has been working as a full-time actor. He could have gone back to his lucrative legal and diplomatic career with the United Nations, but something in his heart kept him as an actor. He discovered acting gives him a safe space to express his radical self. That's why he continues to embrace and journey on as an actor. He studied with Alan Arkin besides the Juilliard School, the Lee Strasberg Institute, HB Studios, Meisner and other methods. He started with Kevin Bacon's Six Degrees of Separation, VISA SUPERBOWL commercial in 2002 and had done 30 National commercials. Alan Arkin's wife Suzanne Arkin commented to Alan Arkin that Rao is funny. No wonder Sandler picked him up and cast him in THAT'S MY BOY and Rao worked three months on that film in a major supporting role. Recently he was cast in ISN'T IT ROMANTIC in a supporting role. He has a film Gandhi, Untouchables and Me on Amazon, him playing 7 roles. For this, he won an award from an Australian Film Festival. He is coming out with an artistic film AN ACTOR JOURNEYS searching for the roots of American Acting that he plans to show at Festival de Cannes and other film festivals. It's Rao's desire to play a role like Dr. Zhivago.


Movie Name Release Date
Isn’t It Romantic March 8, 2019