Michelle Creber


Michelle Creber is a Canadian teen actress, singer, dancer, musician, song-writer and voice artist who is known around the world as the speaking/singing voice of Apple Bloom (and the singing voice of Sweetie Belle) in the hit animated TV series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. She was born to jazz pianist/producer Michael Creber, and vocalist/producer Monique Creber. Michelle grew up in a home that featured both a music school and a recording studio, as well as Vancouver's top musicians regularly stopping by for rehearsals and recording sessions. Michelle loved being immersed in the performing arts world and to broaden her experience and education, her parents took her to a wide variety of performances from a very young age. Michelle first appeared on stage in her parents arms at the age of one; her first singing recording session (at Armoury Studios) and her first major concert solo (Vancouver's 3000 seat Queen Elizabeth Theatre) at the age of four; her first voiceover work at the age of five; her first major gig (voicing Lucy in Peanuts) at the age of seven; her first musical theatre production at the age of eight; her first starring role in professional musical theatre at the age of nine (Annie); and her first movie (Disney's Search For Santa Paws) at the age of ten. In addition to all her film & TV credits, Michelle has recorded lead vocals on over a dozen albums in addition to the soundtracks for many TV shows & movies. In 2012, she released her first solo CD entitled Timeless: Songs of a Century, followed by A Creber Christmas, featuring Michelle with her parents. The album At Home, (an acoustic collection of covers & originals) featuring Michelle, her parents, Gabriel Brown & Andrea Libman was released in 2014. The summer of 2015 saw the release of Tribute: Celebrating the Music of Michael Jackson, featuring Michelle and Gabriel Brown (aka Black Gryph0n). In 2016, Michelle released Getting Stronger, an album of originals with Gabriel Brown and is releasing a solo album of original songs in 2017. Michelle attended a private school from Kindergarten to Grade 4 but shortly into her Grade 5 year, she switched to home schooling with private tutors. This format allowed for a lot more flexibility with her busy work schedule and also allowed her to move through the curriculum at a faster pace. At the age of 16, Michelle decided she wanted to graduate a year early and embarked on a challenging goal to complete grade 11 and grade 12, simultaneously - she succeeded with honors. Michelle is a popular guest at fan conventions around the world and has made over 30 trips and appearances throughout North America and Europe since 2012. She has also made Skype appearances for events in Russia, Malaysia, Czech Republic and Japan.


Movie Name Release Date
My Little Pony: Le Film October 6, 2017