Kurt Yue


Unlike many aspiring actors, Kurt Yue never dreamed of acting when he was a kid. Kurt never participated in drama club in high school nor did he take any theater classes in college. In fact, before the age of 27, his only acting experience was a fourth grade play (in which he played a horse). He made his entrance into the world of acting in a rather unusual way. It all began with a drunken quest to find cigarettes (although he does not smoke). Four years after graduating college with a degree in computer science and engineering, Kurt was doing business consulting as a software developer in Cleveland, Ohio. He was what he says the "typical young professional" working 9 to 5 on weekdays and hitting the bars with friends on weekends. One Saturday night, after a night of celebrating a high school buddy's return from a tour of duty in the army, one of Kurt's inebriated friends demanded they leave the bar and find a place where he could buy cigarettes. As they walked up and down the street looking for a gas station or convenience store, Kurt noticed a certain place. It turned out to be the Houde School of Acting. Since he was looking for something to do after work at the time, this really piqued his interest. Kurt decided to jot down the contact info and sent an email a couple days later. The following week, Kurt walked into his first acting class ever.


Movie Name Release Date
Venom 3D November 2, 2018