Hemky Madera


Hemky was born Hemky Louis Madera on January 26, 1977 in Queens, New York, to Dominican parents Luis and Gisela Madera. Moved to Santiago, Dominican Republic at the age of two months. Graduated from Santiago Christian School and after a series of different jobs, Hemky decided to give his long standing desire to act a go. His first move forward came to much acclaim on the widely known television production of "Grandes Series Dominicanas". He then garnered the lead for the mini-series "En La Olla", followed by "Trio en Alta Mar" *; both directed by renowned Dominican director and producer Alfonso Rodriguez. After a short stay in New York City, where he worked on the film production of "Bookies Lament", Hemky returned to the Dominican Republic to star in the mini-series "Asalto en la Lincoln". Immediately after, became a part of the Primetime television series production and cast member of both hit sitcoms "Los Electrolocos"(lead) and "Ciudad Nueva". His first theatrical performance was in "Pantallas", produced and staged at Santo Domingo's Great National Theatre. Then back to New York to be in the Inverse Theatre's production of "Icarus and Aria". After workshops and internships at The Actor's Studio and Gene Frankel Theatre, he was cast in "Life is a Dream", "The Mistress of the Inn" (reviewed by The New York Times), "Chronicles of a Death Foretold", "Blood Weddings", "Midnight Brainwash Revival", Feast of the Goat", ( a New York Spanish Repertoire's production), "Burning the Bridges", and "Belisa's Capriciousness". Television credits in renowned Primetime shows like "The Shield" and "Law and Order: Criminal Intent". His recurring role as Ignacio on SHOWTIME's "Weeds" and HBO's "Luck", with Dustin Hoffman. Movie roles include performances with actors such as Harvey Kietel, Gael Garcia Bernal and Diana Bracho in the film "Dreaming of Julia", where he portrayed a young human rights crusader in 1950s Cuba. "The Lost City" with Andy Garcia, Dustin Hoffman and Bill Murray. The Gore Verbinski film "Rango" with Johnny Depp and Ray Winstone.


Movie Name Release Date
Spider-Man: Far from Home July 19, 2019