Anastasia Mousis Sanidopoulos


Anastasia grew up in Watertown and Belmont, Massachussetts and for as long as she can remember was dancing. It was her first passion and love for music and dance that led her to believe she would do it forever. At her peak Anastasia was trained by Kelly Peters, Ian McKenzie, Cheryl Murakami and Rhapsody in Boston at Jeannette Neil's Dance Studio and in New York at Broadway Dance Center. These are are all high profile choreographers who have worked with the likes of Madonna, Beyonce and Lady Gaga. Along the way Anastasia got married then later divorced and had twin boys so she took a time out from dancing but returned when they were 3yrs old. One car accident later after she was hit by a drunk driver Anastasia was forced to hang up her dancing shoes indefinitely. Still craving the spotlight and having an attraction to the entertainment business Anastasia decided in 2009 to sign up with Boston Casting in hopes of launching an acting career. Doing background work for several years on many big name films with big name actors Anastasia longed for the break that would come in the summer of 2013 when she was called to audition for the role of "Jenny" in an up coming Antione Fuqua film called The Equalizer. After several rounds of auditions Anastasia was given the part and before she knew it was standing beside iconic actor Denzel Washington in a most dramatic scene pouring out her emotions. This opportunity has led her to continue her dream to be a successful working actress.


Movie Name Release Date
Daddy’s Home 2 November 10, 2017