We are so thankful for all of our past donors that allowed us to purchase the building, install a digital projector, remodel the lobby, and restore the marquee.  We want to keep the Webster Theater going for years to come, which requires substantial investment into infrastructure. Click here to donate!

The Webster Theater needs:

– A new roof ($30,000 – $50,000). Previous roof was installed in 1986.  We have been repairing leaks for years, but it all needs to be replaced.
– New HVAC and insulation ($30,000). Old and inefficient equipment needs to be replaced.  We currently use 5 residential heating and cooling units, and would save thousands per year by upgrading to commercial grade units.

The Webster Theater would love to make improvements that will enhance movie-goers’ experience:

– New popcorn machine ($4,000)
– Faux tin ceilings to replace current foam tiles ($10,000)
– Additional decor to bring back the splendor of original 1940’s Art Deco glory, such as sconces and rebuilding the Art Deco decor around the screen ($2500+)
– New bathrooms ($20,000)
– Prep area of concession stand (new plumbing and cabinets – $4,000)
– Upgrade all lighting from florescent to LED ($1000)
– Renovate original apartments above the theater to be livable ($1M)

Tax deductible charitable contributions can be made online by choosing your amount and completing your donation.

Or you can mail or drop off­ a check made payable to:

c/o Webster City Hero Org.
610 2nd Street
Webster City IA 50595