Henry Lau


Henry Lau is a Musician, Singer, Dancer, rapper and Actor. He is mostly known as a Chinese member of Super Junior-m. He is musically talented with the Violin, Piano, Guitar, electric violin, and percussion. Lau is from Toronto, Canada, and his native/first language is English, but he is also fluent in Mandarin and Korean. He first appeared in Super Junior's "Don't Don" as the violinist and dancer. S.M Entertainment after that wanted to put him in the group as the fourteenth member, but fans protested, and said, "Only 13", and also fellow Chinese Member Zhou Mi went through that too, but they decided to only put them in Super Junior-m. Lau has been very successful through Super Junior-m, his musical skills, and variety shows. He is most definitely the most talented person ever. We hope to see him more on the movie screen.


Movie Name Release Date
A Dog’s Journey June 7, 2019