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Left over popcorn

Left over popcorn

Have you ever wondered what happens to the left over popcorn after the theater closes for the night? Well, wonder no longer. The left over popcorn is generally hand delivered by our manager to various locations throughout town. One night popcorn will be taken to the police station for the enjoyment of their employees. Another night it will be taken to the Sheriff Deputies. We deliver it to the under appreciated civil servants and nurses at the E.R., nurses at the assisted living facilities and sometimes to local bank workers and other courthouse offices.
It is great to see the smiles on peoples faces when we show up with a big bag of popcorn!
The attached picture is our manager dropping off popcorn at the Sheriffs office.

Halloween Spirit(s)

Halloween Spirit(s)

The staff at the Webster Theater got into the swing of the holiday by dressing up in costumes for movie goers to enjoy. Pictured is Kory Massman dressed as a taco as well as Carson Brim dressed as a slab of bacon. Finally Cole Zahn greeted moviegoers not only in his Batman costume but also…Continue Reading