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Art Downard’s 100th Birthday Celebration

Art Downard’s 100th Birthday Celebration

We had the distinct honor to get to host Art’s 100th birthday here at the Webster Theater on Saturday the 28th of May. We served free popcorn to all that came to wish Art a happy birthday. Their was also cake and punch served as well as fun size packs of Milk Duds and Junior Mints.
Art stood and greeted each and every one of his guests with a smile and a firm handshake. He had many wonderful stories to share and their was a slideshow of family pictures running on the big screen.
Happy birthday Art!!

Left over popcorn

Left over popcorn

Have you ever wondered what happens to the left over popcorn after the theater closes for the night? Well, wonder no longer. The left over popcorn is generally hand delivered by our manager to various locations throughout town. One night popcorn will be taken to the police station for the enjoyment of their employees. Another…Continue Reading