Jag Patel


Jag Patel is a British actor and model, born in Kampala, Uganda. From a very early age, his interest in films, acting and music has always been close to his heart, yet becoming an actor and venturing out in Hollywood was a distant dream, living in Uganda in the 1960's. However his acting and modeling career finally launched in November 2015, with his most recent ventures being amongst great Hollywood productions such as supporting artist 'Driver' in Bridget Jones's Baby (2016), as 'Pedestrian' in Doctor Strange (2016) and as 'Turkish Worker' in Wonder Woman (2017). Other interesting projects include: 'Soviet Mourner' in The Death of Stalin (2017), 'Corporate Pedestrian' in The Hitman's Bodyguard (2017) and a role in Hello Au Revoir (2017). He has also appeared as 'High Ranking British Police Officer' in the TV series Guilt (2016), and as 'Villager' in TV series Yonderland (2016). As well as playing various supporting roles in feature films, he has also played lead roles in short films. He is particularly versatile and committed to playing a character with passion, and is always eager to challenge his own ability. Jag spent his early teenage years in Kampala, growing up amongst British, Indian and African cultures. His parents, both born in India, had immigrated to Kampala, Uganda in 1927, where his father worked on building railways and later operated a general store in the village of Kibibi, Uganda. His mother was a housewife. When he arrived in London in 1968, having just turned twenty, Jag began his working career in accounting and finance. He later ran a newsagent business for over 20 years, before finally joining an Internet Service Provider, working full time. During this time, his keen interest in sports continued and in particular, cricket, which he continues to play to this day. His interest in music also continued, in particular a passion for collecting old Vinyl becoming prominent. His collection today totals 90,000 LPs and 60,000 singles. He is the youngest of four brothers and two sisters. He is married to Kiran Patel and together they have three sons, Jassel, Jai, and Rimmel, all born and brought up in Hemel Hempstead.


Movie Name Release Date
The Kid Who Would Be King February 22, 2019